P10 led panel

Display advertising plays a very importing role in marketing and there are several advertisement methods like newspapers, posters, glow signboards, etc. Although they are a little bit expensive still they are durable and customizable, like the advertising text can be changed easily whenever needed and they can also be used as Digital Notice Board at any public place. We previously used an 8x8 LED matrix with many boards to control the text displayed over it, today we will use the P10 display with Arduino.

P10 modules can be cascaded to build any size of the advertising board. This panel has a total of high brightness LEDs mounted on a plastic housing designed for best display results. Any number of such panels can be combined in any row and column structures to design an attractive LED signboard. So there is a total of numbers of LEDs present in each module unit. Complete circuit diagram for P10 module with Arduino is given below:.

Arduino UNO and P10 display modules are interconnected as per the pin mapping are shown below:. If you are planning to connect more numbers of the module, then increase your SMPS rating accordingly. Complete code for this 10 Led Display Arduino along with the video is given at the end of this tutorial. The stepwise description of the code is given below. First of all, include all the dependent libraries in the program. This library can be downloaded from here.

p10 led panel

In the next step, define the number of rows and columns for the LED display board. If yes, then it will trigger an interrupt pin for doing certain events. Function clearScreen true is used to set all pixels are off initially to clear the display board. Finally, to scroll the text on the LED display board shift the whole message from Right to Left directions using a certain time period.

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Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Search wiki pages. Log in. Home Wiki Lights. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. P10 LED Panels. Page Categories. P10 LED panels are pre-made pixel panels with a 10mm pixel spacing, which is what the 10 in P10 indicates. The P10 panels daisy chain from 1 to the next via a 16 way IDC cable. They are powered by a figure 8 cable running 5V DC.

There are indoor and outdoor versions of the P10 panels. The outdoor P10 panels have separate red, green and blue LEDs for each pixel and are potted in a sealing compound.

P10 Full Color LED Panel, Outdoor

The outdoor P10 panels are typically about twice the price of the indoor panels, but they function the same. Those three interfaces are all 16 pin, but the signals are a little different so are not directly interchangeable. It is the HUB75 RGB, mm x mm, 32 pixel x 16 pixel panel that is commonly used for Christmas display and that is the one that this article mainly covers. The current will vary somewhat and is dependent on the panel manufacturer and whether they are indoor or outdoor panels.

The picture below shows 2 rows of 4 panels. This would plug into 2 outputs of an octoscroller. Alternatively this could be connected as 8 daisy chained together with the lower 4 going in the opposite direction. The configuration in Falcon Player takes care of the change in direction.

The P10 panel can be mounted to a steel enclosure with the magnetic screws that are usually supplied with the panels. Alternatively they can be mounted together with 3D printed mounts or similar.

Details of some 3D mounts are on the ACL forum. Show contributors This page has been seen 5, times. Created by AAH.

p10 led panel

Last updated by ryanschristmaslights.They come in many shapes, styles, and layouts. The panels on this page have a resolution of 32x The number 10 in P10 stands for 10mm of spacing between the center of each light. Thus, these panels are mm wide by mm tall. By utilizing more than one panel, you can daisy chain them together to make much larger panels that behave as one.

Each purchased panel comes with a short ribbon cable to daisy chain to a second panel, and a power cord for every two panels pictured in the gallery above. If you purchase one or two panels, you receive one power cord that will power two. If you purchase three or four panels, you will receive two power cords that will power up to four panels Below is a great video that explains what a panel is and some of the different ways in which you can run Panels.

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The second half of the video focuses directly on Colorlight Cards and their configuration. Availability: In stock - 36 available!

p10 led panel

Brand: Wired Watts. Condition: New. Operating Weight: 0. Shipping Weight: 0. Qty: Add to Cart.Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount.

Outdoor rated panels are weatherproof on the LED side but still need to have the rear protected. Outdoor panels are typically brighter than Indoor rated panels. Please contact us with your panel layout prior to ordering so we can ensure you have the correct combination of data and power cables.

Typically you will need 1 long cable from your controller per row of panels. Typically 1 short cable to join 2 adjacent panels per row. Shenzhen Rebow Industry CO. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Frequently bought together:. Select all Add selected to cart.

P10 LED Module -- P10 LED Display

Description 0 Reviews Description Outdoor rated panels are weatherproof on the LED side but still need to have the rear protected. Add to Cart. Quick view. Please contact us with your panel On Sale.

Choose Options. They are in strings of 50 pixels.

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Packaged in bags of 5 strings. Due to the way this platform calculates package sizes, we ask that you Out of Stock.

Due to the way this platform calculates package sizes, we ask that you contact us for bulk orders so These LED pixel silicone strips have small, clear pigtail attached. These pigtails are a little smaller. Spool 5 meters long Due to the way this platform calculates package sizes, we ask that you contact us for bulk orders so we canForums New posts Search forums. Wiki Search wiki pages. Media New media New comments Search media. Display videos New display videos Search display videos.

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p10 led panel

Search forums. Log in. New to Christmas lighting? Get started with the AusChristmasLighting Manual. Home Forums Welcome display basics. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. P10 Panel - What is it and how to connect it? Thread starter AussiePhil Start date Jul 2, AussiePhil Dedicated elf Administrator. What is a P10 Panel? This is just one type of panel used in the construction of video walls, matrix displays and scrolling signs.

The "P" refers to the pitch or spacing between each LED. Panels also come in completely standard sizing's so construction can and will be easy. Physical size mm x mm. The scan rate is crucial for it to work with the currently supported solution from the community. What do I need to buy for a matrix? P10 Panels A Beaglebone Black An Octoscroller Cape add on for bbb Some 16wire ribbon cables and connectors One or more 5v power supplies Brackets to join your panels together or some way to mount them What software?

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Full Color 32x16 P10 Panel Indoor Rated

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