Protected 18650 battery for vaping

protected 18650 battery for vaping

If you are shopping for the best batteries for vaping then you are most definitely a vape enthusiast. We are either looking to extend battery life or you need stronger batteries for handling the biggest clouds of vapor your vape topper is capable. In this list of batteries you will only find the best vape batteries that are going to give you that all day or all week vape life.

There is a lot to discover about the way vape batteries and technology can effect your vape. The best batteries will differ depending on your needs. Below, we will list out all the specs of these top performers.

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As a quick cheat sheet, if you demand more battery life then you want a larger number in the mAh department. If you want a vape battery that can handle a harder hit then you want a large Amps rating. Price Check. With its capacity of mAhit offers a great autonomy for extended vape sessions.

Thanks to its continuous discharge current of 20Athe LG HG2 battery is compatible with all mods with a high maximum power. These vape batteries offer great capacity and sufficient discharge current for most powerful mods.

If you enjoy low resistance vapes, high performance, and huge amounts of clouds, you need the right batteries. Samsung is one of the leading names in the best vapor batteries category and produces some of the best batteries on the market. Features a huge mAh battery life with 15A max continuous discharge. Its lavender color wrapping houses a very beefy battery in terms of vape life and power consistency.

The Sony VTC5 has a nominal voltage of 3. The maximum discharge current of the Sony battery is 35A. It is ideal for sub-ohm vaping.

protected 18650 battery for vaping

These batteries offer a great capacity of mAh and sufficient discharge current for extremely powerful vape mods. The Sony VTC5A vaping battery can be used especially in the case of low resistance builds, where they can handle the low resistances of your coils. Thanks to a discharge current of up to 35 A, these rechargeable batteries are optimally suited for use in your e-cigarette.

Featuring a flat top that is perfect for mechanical mod users or APVs. While its overall battery life is not the longest it makes up for in continuous discharge rate.Your build and how you vape will determine the battery that will be best for your needs.

This is because currently, an battery can have either a high current rating or a high capacity but not both.

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Other batteries may perform great at high discharge rates but will need to be charged again more frequently. You may even get multiple days of use from one charge, depending on how much you vape. Boasting an impressive mAh battery and the ability to discharge up to 20A continuously, the Samsung 25R battery is a great contender for the best battery for up to 20A.

This cell is great at up to 20A because it runs at a cool, moderate temperature that will not affect the life of the battery.

protected 18650 battery for vaping

The 25R is a great, hard hitting battery, and the mAh capacity means less frequent charging. For these reasons, combined with its ability to output up to 20A while maintaining a safe operating temperature, we rank the Samsung 25R as a close second to the LG HG2 for batteries up to 20A. For a battery that will discharge up to 15A safely and efficiently without overheating, the Samsung 30Q is a great choice. If you only need around 15A of current, the 30Q boasts a better battery capacity at mAh over the 25R while providing the same hard hitting voltage.

While the Samsung 30Q is capable of discharging up to 20A continuously, this is only if the cell is kept under 75 degrees C. Any hotter than this, and the cell will become damaged and therefore have degraded performance and a shortened life span. If you need a battery that can safely discharge up to 25A while remaining cool and collected, theSony VTC5Ais the best battery for you.

The VTC5A is great because not only does it output a high current, but it also has a decent mAh battery capacity. In our opinion, the Sony VTC5A is the best you can get in terms of both high discharge, and high capacity. The VTC5A is a great, hard hitting battery, and the mAh capacity means less frequent charging.

For these reasons, combined with its ability to output up to 25A while maintaining a safe operating temperature, we rank the Sony VTC5A as the best battery for up to 25A. A hard hitting dependable battery, the Sony VTC4 is one of the best batteries for vaping at up to 23A.

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At 23A the cell operates at a safe and cool temperature and will not suffer any damage due to overheating. Although the Samsung 20S only has a mAh capacity it delivers fantastic performance up to its maximum current rating of 30A. For low builds on a mechanical mod, the 20S is the only battery that can safely deliver up to 30A without overheating but we recommend only using it at up to 20A for maximum performance.

Knowing the amps that your build will be drawing from your battery is essential when using a mechanical mod, and you should pick a battery that is rated comfortably above that. For example, If your build will draw 17A from your battery, a battery rated for 20A would be ideal. Our list of the best batteries for vaping only includes LG, Samsung, and Sony branded batteries.

While you can get cheap, or even knockoff batteries that state high current ratings and high capacities, these are frequently cells that did not pass the quality assurance checks from one of the big 3.

Be wary of cheap counterfeits, as these brands are frequently faked and will not perform the same as the original. For your safety, you should only purchase your batteries from a reputable vendor. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. However, in our opinion, price should not be a deciding factor when picking a battery for your vape.

There are four key factors that you should consider when picking the best battery for your vape:. The current rating on a battery is the maximum current that the battery can safely discharge at one time. For example, imagine we have a bottle filled with water. The size of the bottle opening limits the amount of water that can be poured out at one time. In this analogy, the size of the opening would be the maximum current rating, and the size of the water bottle itself would be the battery capacity.

Some batteries with a high current rating are able to discharge up to 30A without overheating. While this would definitely be the safest approach, you would be sacrificing battery capacity in return.Looking for the best battery for vaping, but not sure what to look out for? No worries, We Vape Mods has you covered. We have listed the most important things to keep an eye on when choosing your next Lithium-ion batteries.

Choosing the best battery for vaping is no easy taste, especially if you are just starting out. Choosing the right battery though is important for your safety and the longevity of your device. There is nothing more annoying than constantly having to recharge your vape batteries because you picked up some dud batteries from eBay. We Vape Mods discourages this. We instead recommend you get your vape batteries from a vape shop or reputable online vendor.

Use the best battery for vaping list below to your advantage. There are only so many charge cycles in a battery, and the more you recharge them, the less charge they will hold eventually. Many vapers choose batteries because they balance high discharge rates with high capacity. The capacity determines how long until the battery runs flat, while the discharge rates determine how hot the batteries get when discharging at higher amperage.


When you are choosing a vape battery, there are certain things which you should be looking for. Some of the things which you should be considering in your next battery are:. A crap battery is going to ruin your vaping sessions and can be extremely frustrating.

Most high-quality vape batteries are competitively priced, and a few dollars more for a better battery is well worth the additional costs. The 30Q by Samsung is a relatively old battery, that has been on the market since It has a capacity of mAh, with a maximum continues discharge of 15A. Buy Now Buy Now. It has a capacity of mAh and CDR of The stats are super impressive on this thing.

Buy Now. The HE4 by LG is considered by many to be one of the safest vape batteries.Samsung is another company that needs no introduction. They are taking a swing at batteries, and they are pretty on par with what t They are taking a swing at batteries, and they are pretty on par with what the user would expect. They perform well enough, but they are not really stand out batteries. In fact, they are standard in every sense of the word.

They come with the standard mAh, which is fine. It features an underwhelming 15 amps of continuous discharge, and the user can definitely get by with that. It is just not the best. Keeping the trend of standard going, the Samsung INR features 3. This is definitely a mid-range battery with standard specifications. That being said, its value is fantastic. These batteries will be great for those with an extremely tight budget, and they will be ideal for those that like to vape at low wattages.

The INR comes in twos and features durable construction, mAh rating, and 15A of power — helping it deliver lasting, serious power and outstanding performance. The INR is not only perfect for vapes, but it can also be used with flashlights and other devices.

protected 18650 battery for vaping

Also included in the package is a clear plastic protective case for each battery for safe storage and traveling. The Samsung brand is a trusted name in electronics. So it would make sense that their batteries are among the top-rated in vaping circles. This Samsung 25R cell is rated at and features a battery capacity of mAh, which is not like the 30Q, which has a mAh capacity. The Samsung 25R can output a continuous 3. The 25R comes in a two-pack and can power at least power cycles before dropping in output.

The cells use a flat-top design and are ideally suited for high-wattage devices.Remember Me? Front Page What's New?

Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping in 2020 | Top 7 18650 Batteries You Can Find Now

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread: Protected vs unprotected batteries? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Protected vs unprotected batteries? Why would someone choose to purchase an unprotected battery for use in their flashlights? It seems that a battery with a protection circuit would be a much better choice. Re: Protected vs unprotected batteries?

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Originally Posted by Scarface Last edited by gravelmonkey; at PM. For single cell use i have no issues using an unprotected cell but for more than one cell i would only use protected, and only ever buy protected for either for ease of use.

Diagnosed with Grumpy Old Man Syndrome. Since your question was general, I'll take a stab at it. For my TK75vn, for example, which was current boosted, my standard protected cells would not maintain turbo mode. After just a few seconds, it would step down. So obviously I had a good reason to go unprotected in that case. It is a fact that protected cells definitely are more expensive Theoretically the protection circuit always draws a little power from the battery, even when you aren't using it.

This can lead to faster self-discharge. And it does reduce efficiency slightly However, modern high-quality cells have VERY low self-discharge with or without the circuit. Another reason is the size And in some cases, it adds almost 5 mm. This does lead to issues in the real world Another reason is that the protection circuit can fail.

Unprotected cells are just a simpler design. In summary, I personally would recommend protected cells if they will work for your specific uses. Never a bad idea to have an extra safety feature. But unprotected cells clearly do show some advantages. Which one is better depends on the individual user. My Lights.

Personally I've always had a preference for things that aren't more complicated than they absolutely, necessary must be. And like thedoc said, a protection circuit introduces another potential point of failure.

That said, Li-ions are not as foolproof as NiMH's or alkalines.As the current starts flowing, the cells inside the battery begin to transform themselves and the chemicals inside their components begin to rearrange themselves. Inside each cell, chemical reactions take place involving the two electrodes and the electrolyte that separates them.

This reaction causes electrons the tiny particles inside atoms that carry electricity to pump around the circuit the battery is connected to, providing power to your device.

The cells in your battery contain only limited supplies of chemicals so the reactions cannot continue indefinitely. Once the chemicals are depleted, the reactions stop and you need to recharge.

A protected rechargeable battery contains a small circuit board that stops the discharging and charging of the battery in some troublesome circumstances, which are over-charging, over-discharging, overheating, short-circuit.

Using a protected battery will minimise the risk of ruining the battery, causing it to catch fire or explode. An unprotected rechargeable battery in contrast does not have any built-in protection component. When fully charged, it can produce up to 4. If the battery is charged to over its rated maximum voltage over-charging or discharged to under its rated minimum voltage over-dischargingit will be ruined and can cause fire or explosive in worst case.

For the unprotected battery, it is important to use the suitable charger that either charge to the exact rated maximum voltage of the battery or contains built-in protection circuit to prevent overcharging the battery. ICR battery and IMR battery There are different batteries with different capacities, but all work in the same way in so much that all of them consist of three parts: The anode: Most lithium-ion cells use graphite or hard carbon as the negative electrode host material.

The electrolyte: Soluble salts, acids or other bases in liquid, gelled and dry formats The cathode: There are different chemical formulas that can be used as positive electrode material for the cathode. Each formula has its own pros and cons on capacity, wear-out time, and safety.

An ICR batterywhile has the highest energy output, is the most dangerous li-on battery. Its chemical formula is highly reactive and flammable, which can cause explosion if it is charged or discharged incorrectly. To remedy this problem, a high-quality ICR battery usually contain a built-in protection circuit board.

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Premium box mods also have protection circuit inside that is designed for using this battery type. Quite dangerous to play with the battery. Not to worry! There is another battery type that is much safer to use.When it comes to vaping batteries, safety is always the first and most important consideration.

There are tons of batteries being sold online and in vape shops and it is important to know what kind of battery your mod uses and what is best for it at the recommended wattages.

These batteries were chosen based on performance, safety and reliability for all types of mods. Check out our list of the top 5 vaping batteries for Different types of mods take different battery lengths. Some take short batteries and others take longer ones. Some devices use 2 to 3 batteries while others may only take a single, larger battery.

Your device will come with an instruction manual that will tell you what size batteries to use with it. You can use any brand you like that you know is good quality and will handle the amperage load. Amperage is listed on the battery as 20A, 25R, or 30A. These things are what to look for to help you in choosing the right one. The information listed on a battery can tell you a lot about how it performs and about how long it will last between charges.

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The top of the line batteries such as LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic make the best batteries suitable for all vaping wattages from low to high. Here are a few terms and what they mean:. High Capacity — means they have a higher mah rating to and you can vape longer between charges. This type of battery is good for those who like to vape at lower wattages because they can charge it up and vape for days.

Here is a sample of suggested wattage level and coil pairing for best results. Higher current rating is 30A continuous current and means that it will hit harder and produce more vapor, but will need to be charged more often. High Voltage — these are usually used in mechanical mods because they hit harder and can be used at higher wattages. The downside is that they run fast and therefore need to be charged more often.

When it comes to batteries there are several good brands on the market for vape mods. Some resellers will rewrap lower quality batteries and sell them at a higher price, it is good for them but not good for the vape mods or your safety. And safety is the number one concern. It is a high-drain, high-capacity mah battery. A high capacity means that the battery life is very good and should last the average vaper a couple of days before needing a charge. It has a continuous discharge current of 20A and a maximum discharging current of 35A.

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