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Everything works great. I bought two of these controllers and Im purchasing more at the moment. Great purchase you wont regret it! Very nostalgic and great controller! I rather use this controller than the standard switch controller at least for super smash bros.

So this was definitely what was missing when playing a Nintendo switch. You can play it just like any game console that you use with controllers. It's easy set up it's not difficult to set up you plug it in and go. It's so much more easier to use and play. The controller makes a Nintendo switch so much more fun to play with. I definitely recommend this. It's so much more fun. This Wireless Controller brings me back to GameCube days with the family. I like using this control with my switch because it's a very famailar controller and in my opinion a lot easier to use.

It's purple which is my favorite and wireless which makes for comfortable gaming. I love my controller and have nothing negative to say about it. Buttons and joysticks feel great like the original Gamecube controller. Pairing it with the Switch was easy. It's powered by two AA batteries and battery has held up so far.

Not much more to say - I think the main use for this controller is for fans of Smash Bros who think the Gamecube controller is the best way to play. If that's you, it's an instant buy. And the bonus is you can use it as a pro controller for other games. I bought this product a few weeks ago. I love it. I can not wait for this to be used on my game system [This review was collected as part of a promotion.

I got this a few days ago for my kid.Make informed decisions with expert advice.

Modder shows Nintendo why a GameCube mini console needs to exist

Learn More. Pros: Very nice look, sort of like an alienware case, but I like it a bit more then I do those. Plenty of room to work with, very fast and easy to install drives and the motherboard was a breeze to install.

Solid as well. The most in depth user guide for a case I have seen, and I have worked with many being a PC techician. Got scratch on top of case relatively easily just sitting around my room before everything was installed, must have been cat but just seemed awfully easy to scratch the paint. Overall Review: I installed an additional mm fan in the front for additional cooling, never a bad idea.

Pros: it's orange and if you like orange thats a pro, comes with 2 mms toolless design pretty spanken for the cash. Cons: its kind of a copper orange not orange, orange not really a con this was a required field so there's your con newegg! Pros: Great design and easy installation of all items. Screw less design was nice. Cons: Case fans dont push enough CFM. Replaced rear and added front mm Yate Loon fans.

Dropped my overclock e by 5 degrees idle and 8 degrees on Prime Overall Review: Installed hard drive in floppy slot and removed hard drive cage for better air flow.

Cons: Cable management hell. The back can be removed, why I don't know; it is impossible to run anything other than a speaker wire or straight sata cable through the holes in it. No CPU cut-out from the back. All of the tool-less features are weak except the HDD clips. Overall Review: With a few modifications involving very little cost to the manufacturer they could have an amazing product. From now on, I will not use the Apollo in any future builds. A shame for such a great looking product.

Pros: it has served it's purpose. It does what it was intended to do. Cons: You have to pick the right mother board for it. I often push my aditional USB ports into the tower because it's not tight enough.

I had to find aditional screws to fasten it because it did not come with any.

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Overall Review: I wish i would've done my homework and went with something a little less flashy. This was the first pc i ever built so I did want it to look hot. I won't make this mistake again.Sales for the NES and SNES Classic Edition miniature consoles have apparently passed 10 million units worldwide, proving that there is a huge market for Nintendo and other developers to take advantage of.

Fortunately, a modder called Madmorda has taken the issue into her own hands and created a tiny GameCube that looks too good to be true. The crafty technician utilized a trimmed-down Wii motherboard that was carefully housed in a gummy candy case. She copied all the features of the original GameCube, down to the power button on the top and the fan vents on the sides. Four ports at the front allow multiplay with four controllers with the help of adapters and there are two USB ports underneath.

Best Displaysfor University Students. Console Gaming Gadget. A look at the innards. Silver version with mini controller. Silver version. Size compared to GameBoy Advance game cartridge. Source s. TechSpot BitBuilt. Related Articles. No news is good news. DJI officially launches the Osmo Ac A pinch of salt required for latest Please share our article, every link counts!

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This guide shows how to properly remove and clean the fan. This will help prevent your GameCube from overheating. Buy these tools. Locate the four screws circled in red on each corner of the device. Then, use a 4. With the bottom side of the GameCube facing upward and the screws removed, carefully pull the outer shell of the unit away from the top half. Then place the inside of the unit facing up. Using a Phillips 2 screwdriver, remove the two screws circled in red attaching the fan assembly to the unit.

Carefully disconnect the fan connector from the socket, as depicted in the second picture. The controller connector panel can be gently pulled out of the main unit and laid down, as depicted.

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This is not strictly required, but may provide more maneuverability inside the case. Make sure to not pull out the wires while removing the fan.

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Doing so may damage the connector wire or the PCB. Once the fan is removed, use compressed air to clean the dust off of the fan blades. It is highly recommended that you use a toothpick to prevent the fan blades from moving while cleaning. This will prevent accidental damage to the fans motor. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Badges: Fix Your Stuff.

Difficulty Moderate. Steps 4. Time Required 7 minutes. Sections 2. Top Case 2 steps Fan 2 steps. Flags 0. Introduction This guide shows how to properly remove and clean the fan. Tools Buy these tools. Step 1 Top Case. Add a comment. Add Comment Cancel. Step 2.

Nintendo GameCube Fan replacement for cleaning

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PSA - My thoughts on the Gamecube controller adapter by 8bitdo self. First I'll just come out and say it. This thing is a must have. Its easily the best solution to using GameCube controllers on the switch. It supports both GameCube and Wii Classic controllers. I has the option to connect with the Switch or a Windows PC as well.

Ill list out some of my pros and cons. Rumble - It actually supports rumble on the Gamecube controller. Having a wireless Gamecube controller with rumble is amazing! Cannot turn on the switch by itself - You will either have to manually press the power button or use an official controller to turn on the switch before you connect your Gamecube controller.Some of them are age-appropriate, while others defy that sort of talk.

The remake was revamped in every way possible, bringing with it improved graphics and presentation, music, and new surprises for veterans of the original. It still kept the tank controls, though. After that you had a prequel in Resident Evil Zero.

While not as well-received as REmakethe atmosphere was still top notch. Zero also moved the series towards more of an action-oriented affair. Which, of course, brings us to the game that essentially saved the series, Resident Evil 4. Part of a short-lived exclusivity deal with Nintendo, RE4 ditched the 3rd-person view, puzzles and tank controls, and instead embraced an over-the-shoulder perspective, bringing with it a more action and less of an emphasis on survival horror than the previous games.

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If there was one game you had to get for the Gamecube, Resident Evil 4 is it. You took control of one of four main characters across four time periods, which the game skips back and forth between them. Alexandra begins searching the mansion for clues as to who did it, and eventually uncovers the Tome of Eternal Darkness. From there, the game jumps from character to character. The game employs a Sanity Meter an actual Nintendo patentwhich players need to keep topped up.

There are minor things, such as a skewed camera angles and disturbing noises, but when things got hairy, you had walls and ceilings start to bleed, the character suddenly dying, fourth wall-breaking effects, and even simulated errors involving your TV or GameCube! Mario takes a backseat this time, as Luigi is the star. He informs Mario, and they agree to meet up outside the mansion that evening.

When Luigi arrives at the creepy-looking mansion, Mario is nowhere to be found. Upon entering the mansion Luigi is attacked by a ghost, but is saved by a scientist, Professor Elvin Gadd.

Gadd tells Luigi that he saw Mario heading towards the mansion, but has not seen him since. Gadd, Luigi sets out to catch ghosts and find Mario. The title sold more that 2. The mechanics of ghost-hunting using the Poltergusta high powered vacuum cleaner, were charming and fun, and gave fans a taste of being a Ghostbuster long before Ghostbusters: The Video Game arrived. The revamped Metal Gear Solid now allowed players to use the first-person camera to shoot, as well as giving the enemy AI the ability to communicate with each other, and better detect the player.

Not only that, but Metal Gear Solid also featured re-recorded dialogue including new quotes by Psycho Mantis as he read your memory cardand brand new cutscenes that were directed by Versus and Midnight Meat Train director, Ryuhei Kitamura.The company recently added four classic games that are free to play for subscribers, increasing its robust library of classic SNES and NES titles.

Old-school gamers who once thrived on these classics and excited new players eager to explore will find everything they're looking for with these new oldies. Their goal is to rescue Donkey Kong after he's kidnapped by the game's big bad, King K.

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Lovers of number-puzzle games will take great delight in Mario's Super Picrossa Super Famicom game which has never before been released for Western players. As players fill in the numbered grids by following clues and prompts, they'll be rewarded with an image reveal. The game starts out easily enough, but progression offers more difficult puzzles.

However, players don't have to go it alone. In this two to four player game, there are a variety of paths that can be taken to produce varied endings and bosses.

Produced in for the NES, S. In single player mode, gamers can choose between Arnold or Sigourney, who fly through the air shooting down enemies and searching for special containers that contain power-ups, such as more powerful replacement weapons. Players will be able to play against or with each other online, communicate over voice chat and backup their save data to the Nintendo Cloud, making it a lot more convenient than it was in the s to connect with fellow gamers across the world.

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